I’m a San Francisco native with a love for baked goods and a family history of type 2 diabetes. Over two years ago I saw my blood glucose rise to an all-time high. Trying to avoid a diabetic destiny, I changed my diet according to doctor’s orders but it wasn’t until I eliminated grains from my daily diet did my blood sugar go down.  This new way of eating wouldn’t have had staying power if I couldn’t continue to enjoy making and eating baked goods. And, that’s how NOURISH was born! 


NOURISH is a cross between my passion for good health and baked goods.  Whole food is an important part of my (mostly) clean diet and, therefore, an important part and key element of NOURISH products. Finding convenient packaged food while maintaining a clean diet wasn’t easy but, NOURISH has helped to change that.  Now…not all packaged food has to be processed too.


My life has been “nourished” in so many ways by NOURISH.  I hope these products enhance your life and well being too!

Eat well, be well…

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